Enjoy our Japanese Rice Paper, Washi Paper, Rubber Stamps and Stencils of Japanese and Asian Images, Bookbinding, Ikebana Supplies (Vases and Kenzan).  For Ichiyo Ikebana Visit www.ichiyoart.com.



Washi Accents selects each style of Japanese washi paper for its individual characteristics - beauty, variety and versatility. Most of our stock comes from Japan, where ancient traditions still reign.  Please drop by our office and enjoy our washi collection on an appointment.

Some of our yuzen papers are on SPECIAL DEAL for less than 50 % of regular prices!! 


Washi Egg Kit

The kit consists of :

1)A book "You Can Do It !!!"

2)10 sheets of 6" square washi 

3)A bottle of paste

4)A small bottle of paper glazer

The total package price is $24.50!









    Rubber Stamps



Our stamp images focus primarily on Japanese culture, both classical and contemporary. There are, however, many "cross-overs" into Western designs!


       A paper cord used for 

       binding up a gift.





Visit our suzuri set and rice paper supplies for your calligraphy art


Unryu Rice Paper


Ikebana, the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging, has captured attention throughout the world with its graceful lines and pleasing forms. It's artistic activity is highly valued by those involved in the practice as it stimulates a creativity and encourages freedom of expression within disciplined framework..  For more details of ikebana, please visit www.ichiyoart.com, our sister website.



Washi Accents Gallery of Specialty Yuzen Paper 


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